There I stood again,

not only me, but

Me and the Jam Jar.


Like Winnie the Pooh

and the Hunny Jar

with the Delicious Contents.


      The Jam Jar.

      The Lid,

closed with, so it seems, super glue!


I  turn –

the lid in one direction,

the jar bottom in the other,

my body raising wildly,

going down,

turning, twisting

from side to side,

up and down

– uhh! hrg! umpff!


But the Lid is unaffected.


What is there more to do – do you THINK??

I hear a little malicious voice…


Give directions – neck, head and everything,

and then INHIBIT


but shame on my block headed reaction

“it does not even feel  like opening a lid”.


Then the unmovable moves.

Silently and softly

the sweet contents of the jar

makes itself available.


After all this years –

the same habits,

the same paths,

the same surprise


and the Work* works!


(F.M. Alexander just talked of the Work, today we call it the F.M. Alexander Technique